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OnTop IFR simulator

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OnTop IFR simulator

Produktnummer: ASA-ON-TOP-9.0
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OnTop IFR simulator

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ASA’s On-Top™ IFR Simulator Updated to Version 9,5 — Now includes G1000-style glass cockpit and the Reality XP Garmin GNS430 GPS!
The On-Top IFR simulator provides pilots with the opportunity to refine decision-making, risk management, and judgment skills before putting them to the test in real flight. Version 9.0 is fully updated to reflect today’s Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) with the inclusion of a Garmin™ G1000-style glass cockpit primary flight display (PFD) in the Cessna 182. A Reality XP Garmin 430 GPS is now available in the Cessna 172, Mooney, Bonanza and Baron aircraft. Also included with On Top V9 is FlightPrep’s PlateView program, providing electronic approach plates for U.S. airports. This is a much-requested item and pilots will now have the approach information at their fingertips for their flight simulation sessions.
On Top includes an accurate rendering of ten aircraft — Cessna 172 Skyhawk, Cessna 182 Skylane, Cessna 182R Skylane RG, Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II, Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow IV, Lancair Columbia 300, Mooney MSE, Beech Bonanza V-35, Beech Baron 58 Twin, Beech 1900 Twin Turboprop. Each aircraft has panel options — pilots can choose an HI or HSI, an ADF or RMI, add a moving map or GPS, an attitude indicator or flight director. Fly a conventional 6-pack cockpit or a glass-cockpit featuring a G1000-like PFD. Fly any approach in the world with the worldwide database. View the approach plate with a click of a button using FlightPrep's PlateView program. Simulate truly realistic flights by programming the weather to suit your needs. Set up conditions that replicate the forecast for your next flight; set up the weather to improve, deteriorate, or change randomly to add unpredictable turbulence, ceilings, clouds, and winds. Set instrument and equipment malfunctions to fail predictably or randomly to maximize emergency procedures training. Flight information is recorded and mapped for every flight in overhead and profile views. Save and replay these flights for later evaluation, or re-fly portions of the flight under different conditions. Users can challenge themselves with hard IFR weather, systems malfunctions, and engine failures, while the venture outside the narrow channels of training days to get more out of their instrument ticket. Virtual IMC — Virtual Challenges — Real Preparation

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