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Jeppesen MFD VFR Europe

Jeppesen Mobile Flight Deck Europe

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Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck VFR Europe

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Mobile Flitedeck VFR er Jeppesens erstatning for deres gamle papirkort. Du kan planlægge og udføre din flyvning via en iPad.

Denne version giver dig 15 måneders abonnement. (Køb direkte hos Jeppesen giver kun 12 måneders abonnement).

Mobile Flight Deck requirements:

Apple iPad, iPad Air or iPad Mini
Operating system: 6.0 or higher
Minimum space 3GB

Enkelt Installation. 15 måneders abonnement / Opdateringer via internet.

Virker kun på iPad, iPad Air og iPad Mini.

Produkt nøgle og download link sendes via email efter køb. 

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Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck VFR
Capability synopsis Mobile FliteDeck VFR keeps you heads-up and focused on flying through a smart combination of software and data capabilities.
                             Automatic zooming – provides just the right scale for every phase of flight, all without pilot input – like a  
                             modern car nav system.
                             Automatic airspace warnings – audio and visual alerts in case of potential airspace infringements.
                             Automatic NOTAM pre-selection – links NOTAMs automatically to route, date and time.
                             Graphical weather matrix – provides graphical planning guidance by route, date and time.
                             Seamless chart rendering – there is no switching between pre-composed charts – it’s one seamless
                             workflow and the information you need, tailored for each phase of flight.
                             Standardized information display – provides more than 2,500 European airfields through a common,
                             high-quality display format. And growing.
                             Flight time tracking functionality
                             Free 30-day trial
                             2 iPad® installs per subscription
                             28-day charting update cycle and permanent updates for NOTAM, METAR, TAF and significant weather
                             forecast overlays

Currently available for all iPad models supporting iOS 8 or higher 

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