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Air Law

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This ICAO based ATPL Air Law course is a self-teach, interactive, multimedia, computer-based training (CBT) course for pilots of all levels, up to ATPL, whether student or qualified. The CBT has been jointly developed by aviation specialists, instructors and multimedia designers from CAE Oxford Aviation Academy, one of the world’s leading professional flying training schools.

The main aim of this CBT is to enable aviation personnel and student professional pilots to learn about Air Law more effectively, more enjoyably and more rapidly than ever before. A further major objective of this CBT is to prepare student pilots for success in the EASA ATPL theoretical knowledge examination in Air Law.

The CD-Rom contains over 500 ATPL-style test questions and answers to enable you to benefit from CAE Oxford Aviation Academy’s unequalled experience in preparing thousands of students for the EASA ATPL examinations.


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